There are two ways to subscribe to PUBYAC:

1. Using the web interface (easiest):

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  • Go to the PUBYAC Subscribe page. (
  • Enter your email address into the box on the screen.
  • Subscribing is a 2-step process to ensure others don’t add you without permission. Go back to your email and you will soon find a message from SYMPA. You must click on the enclosed link to confirm your subscription. This will pop you directly into a logged-in session with your subscription.
    • Hit Subscriber Options on the left side.
    • It is helpful to supply your real name. Only the moderator will see this information.
    • Choose your mode to receive emails.
      • Standard (direct reception) is individual messages as they come.
      • Digest (either format) is the day’s messages collated into one message and delivered after midnight.
      • Your information will always be concealed; only the listowner can see the subscriber list.
      • To set a password, you must now LOGOUT and LOGIN immediately (yeah, I thought it was weird too). (Alternatively you can just click this link:
        • In the grey bar, WAY ON THE LEFT, hit First Login?
        • Now finally it asks you to define a password.
        • Follow the prompts and eventually hit the link in the email you get.
        • Set your password. This will remain your password forever on the SYMPA system, even if you unsubscribe from PUBYAC.
  • ARCHIVE THE WELCOME MESSAGE! It contains basic info that you will need to change any options.

2. Using the email interface:

  • Send an e-mail to
  • In the Subject, type only “subscribe pubyac” (without the quotes).
  • You will receive an email message asking for confirmation that you really want to be subscribed to PUBYAC. This is to prevent anyone from subscribing you without your permission.
  • Just hit Reply and Send. The listserver is smart enough to figure it out.
  • SAVE THE WELCOME MESSAGE! It contains links and password that you will need to change any options.
  • To set a password, click here: