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To temporarily stop getting messages from PUBYAC without having to unsubscribe
Messages will not be queued. To disable or enable mail delivery:
  • Log in to your subscriptions page--the link is found near the bottom of your Welcome Message. You can also get to your Subscription info by clicking into, scrolling to the bottom and hitting the "Unsubscribe or Edit options" button.
  • Scroll down to the grey section marked "Mail delivery--Postpone or Restart'' and select "Disabled'' to stop receiving mail, and "Enabled'' to start receiving mail.
  • If you have trouble, contact the Moderator.
Postponing can be handy for different reasons

 I need a break!
You could be going on vacation or need a break from the list because you're too busy to read any extra mail.
 Reading the Archives
You can use this as a way to read the MailMan Archives.
 Human Resources
Human Resources staff can send Job Openings; your messages are accepted, but you don't receive all the mail.
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