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1. General tips for posting to PUBYAC

a) Posting address is:  Make sure that the subject line is reflective of the content of your message. If you respond to a Digest, change the subject line !

b) You must be subscribed to PUBYAC to post messages to PUBYAC. See the Posting page for further explanation.

c) Please turn off any HTML or Rich Text, stationary files, signature cards or any special text formatting. Use PLAIN TEXT to send messages to PUBYAC-- for instructions on how to send plain text with various mailers, see the Plain Text page. Special formatting adds an inordinate number of bytes to your message, and cannot be read in all mailers. When replying to a discussion posting, include only the relevant portions of a previous message, and delete everything else. The moderator will return for editing any postings that have excess formatting or duplication.

d) To reply to PUBYAC for general list discussion, click Reply to All. To reply to an individual only, just hit Reply.

e) Attachments can be sent, but their size and format is limited. See # 8.

2. Stumpers "Netiquette" Procedures

See this link for the two most requested PUBYAC Stumpers.

There is quite a difference of opinion about stumpers! Some hate them, some are indifferent, some see them as part of the territory, some love them. I've even had someone write that stumpers are like dessert!

There is some legitimacy to the opinion that some librarians use PUBYAC too quickly to answer reference questions, yet there are also single-building libraries where it's one librarian with only one brain. This is why we are here on PUBYAC--we are assisting one another.

So here are our PUBYAC "Netiquette" procedures for posting Stumpers, which have been in effect since March 1996.

a) It is professional courtesy to include in your posting the references which you have already checked.

b) The SUBJECT LINE must begin with "Stumper" and continue with a short description of the book. There's nothing worse than a generic stumper subject heading. This will also enable people who have the capacity to filter their e-mail to delete the stumper before it hits their e-mail box.

c) I will NOT forward misplaced stumpers to the correct addressee. Replies must be sent directly to the original poster. In other words, if you send a stumper answer to PUBYAC, it will not be delivered. Only the original poster and their patron know if the answer to a stumper is correct, borne out by my continual observation of multiple differing answers to a single stumper question.

d) Because of #3, it is VITAL that the original poster include in the body of the text his or her return address. Many mailers strip out addresses from the headers and people can't see them.

e) Agree that no one has to answer a question they don't want to answer.

f) "Thank yous" are optional. If you are curious about an answer, contact the original poster. Nevertheless, many librarians appreciate it when the original poster replies back to PUBYAC with both the answer to the Stumper AND the original question .

g) If your answer to a stumper bounces back from the original addressee, it does not help to post the answer to PUBYAC. If your mail bounces from that address, it also bounces PUBYAC's mail. These messages will also not be forwarded.

3. Searching the PUBYAC Archives

Go to the Archives page and follow the directions.

4. Digests vs. Individual Messages

Please see the Digests page for an explanation of this feature.

5. Postponing your mail

See the Postpone page for an explanation of this feature.

6. Bibliographies--a cooperative effort

Because of the heavy load on PUBYAC's server, the moderator asks that when a request is made for titles for a bibliography, all answers be sent directly to the original poster. Furthermore, in the case of bibliographies, because a compiled list would be helpful to all PUBYACkers, the moderator requests the original poster to collate and post the bibliography to PUBYAC so that all PUBYACkers can benefit; please preface he subject heading with BIB: . The moderator will NOT send reminders.

7. Types of messages that are not posted to PUBYAC

a) Chain letters and calls for mass e-mail responses: There have been a number of instances where a subscriber has forwarded to PUBYAC a message which is either a chain letter or a call to mass e-mail an address for a specific purpose. In all past situations the message turned out to be a hoax or the receiver of the messages did not initiate the bombardment. Consequently the moderator has decided that mass e-mail calls or chain letters will not be forwarded via PUBYAC .

b) Book reviews: There are many other venues, both digital and print, for librarians to learn about new books or to discuss children and young adult literature. Please note that the mission statement of PUBYAC does not include examination of the literature. So that this discussion list is not overwhelmed by announcements for new books or literature discussions, reviews for book titles or links to reviews are not posted here. Please refer such postings to forums such as the YALSA-BK listserv , the CHILD-LIT listserv or the Child-Lit Wiki. The exception is titles which have had a call for submissions on PUBYAC, in which information was gleaned from children's or young adult librarians in public libraries.

c) Author visits: Agents are requested to locate a regional, provincial or state listserver when they are advertising an author visit in a specific area.

d) Advertisements: Companies or individual performers are requested to contact directly any poster who is seeking information about a service, product, or performance. Ads directly from companies or publishers about new products or services are not posted. Advertisements will be labeled, "AD." Only advertisements of interest to the PUBYAC community will be posted. In practice, this means you will almost never see an ad posted on its own merits.

e) "Looking for a job" requests: While Job openings are gladly accepted, messages that can be construed as job hunting or resumes are not posted. Most states or regions now have online joblines, and you can always keep an eye on PUBYAC for the job openings that are posted regularly.

f) Miscellaneous: Any posting that does not have direct bearing on the mission of PUBYAC is not posted. All messages must relate, however tangentially, to the general topic of public libraries. Messages that are clearly off-topic will not be posted.

The moderator is not responsible for copyright violations. It is the responsibility of the poster to ensure that his or her post does not violate copyright law.

8. Attachments and PUBYAC

There are limited allowances for attachments. Word and Excel files are accepted; HTML, graphics, and other large format files are not. These files cause archives to grow: please be careful in what attachments you choose to send to PUBYAC.

9. Automatic unsubscribe

The listserve is set so that bouncing addresses are automatically unsubscribed after an eight day test period. This dramatically cuts down on traffic on Prairienet's server. Occasionally a subscriber may be inadvertently unsubscribed because of server problems at their own site. If this occurs, please re-subscribe.

10. What is this [PY] at the front of PUBYAC subject headings?

The PY is shorthand for PubYac.  This is a prefix at the beginning of all individual messages so that you can easily identify PUBYAC postings in your Inbox, or use it to automatically filter PUBYAC postings into a separate folder. at their own site. If this occurs, please re-subscribe.

11. How do I get PUBYAC through the spam filters?

See the Spam page for tips on configuring your e-mail program to accept PUBYAC.

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