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Instead of receiving messages one at a time, you get messages grouped together in one e-mail called a Digest. Attachments are suppressed in Digests:  you must go to the PUBYAC Archives to retrieve those files (you will need your password).

To turn digest mode on or off
  • Log in to your subscriptions page--the link is found near the bottom of your Welcome Message.  Or go to the PUBYAC information page ( and scroll to the bottom and click on the "Unsubscribe or Edit Options'' button and follow directions.
  • Look for the section marked "Set Digest Mode.''
  • Set it to "On'' to receive messages bundled together in digests. Set it to "Off" to receive posts separately.

  • If you have trouble, contact the Moderator.
Types of Digests

You get individual posts, all separately.

Messages are simply put one after the other into one large text message (default).
Each message is an attachment inside the message, along with a summary table of contents.
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