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From: "PUBYAC: PUBlic librarians serving Young Adults and Children" <pubyac@prairienet.org>
To: "PUBYAC: PUBlic librarians serving Young Adults and Children" <pubyac@prairienet.org>
Sent: Thursday, January 02, 2003 11:01 PM
Subject: PUBYAC digest 968

    PUBYAC Digest 968

Topics covered in this issue include:

  1) Harry Potter etc.
by Bonita Kale <Bonita.Kale@euclidlibrary.org>
  2) Re: Bike safety
by "Linda Peterson" <lpeterson@bloomfield.lib.in.us>
  3) RE: Scottish craft?
by Peggy Odom <podom@ci.waco.tx.us>
  4) James and the Giant Peach activities
by "Troy and Nicole Morgan" <trikki@peoplepc.com>
  5) reviews of AV
by "Austin, Renee" <RAUSTIN@co.napa.ca.us>
  6) Re: Furniture? Equipment? I've got a big donation...
by Mary Ann Gilpatrick <magilpat@walnet.walla-walla.wa.us>
  7) Lord of the Rings Party
by "Heather Acerro" <vclsafq4@rain.org>
  8) Re: snow craft
by "Cindy Rider" <CRIDER@vigo.lib.in.us>

From: Bonita Kale <Bonita.Kale@euclidlibrary.org>
To: pubyac <pubyac@prairienet.org>
Subject: Harry Potter etc.
Date: Thu,  2 Jan 2003 15:23:38 CST

I agree with the person who said we have to be accommodating to parents
who don't want their kids to read fantasy--but I think it's okay to
make fun of them behind their backs! 

There have been a lot of nuts out there who are worried about Harry
Potter, and, yes, Madeline L'Engle and C.S. Lewis, too.  Probably Diane
Duane if they knew she was there.  Meanwhile, the really bad stuff,
from my point of view, goes unnoticed.

Oh, well, we're all different...



From: "Linda Peterson" <lpeterson@bloomfield.lib.in.us>
To: <pubyac@prairienet.org>
Subject: Re: Bike safety
Date: Thu,  2 Jan 2003 15:24:37 CST

I got my AAA to give us some literature on safety in general and among it
was some on bike safety.
Linda Peterson
Bloomfield-Eastern Greene County Public Library
125 South Franklin
Bloomfield, Indiana 47424
Phone: (812)384-4125
Fax: (812)384-0820
email: lpeterson@bloomfield.lib.in.us
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From: "P Stack" <p.stack@vlc.lib.mi.us>
To: <pubyac@prairienet.org>
Sent: Sunday, December 29, 2002 2:12 AM

> Hi Pubyaccers,
> I am looking for ideas for a bike safety theme storytime for kids in
> the 1st and 2nd grades.  I have a policeperson coming to talk and I
> know of someone who was injured who will come and speak.  I need some
> craft ideas to tie into the theme.  Any other ideas would be greatly
> appreciated also!  THANKS!
> **********************************************************************
> Run

From: Peggy Odom <podom@ci.waco.tx.us>
To: "'pubyac@prairienet.org'" <pubyac@prairienet.org>
Subject: RE: Scottish craft?
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Date: Thu,  2 Jan 2003 15:24:46 CST

You can make castles out of boxes, and cereal boxes, and cardboard tubes,
and cones. Cover with wrapping paper. Color different plaid tartans for
family names. My son was sent some Scottist money, maps, and brochures of
areas in Scotland. Those are fun to look at. Make their flag.

Peggy Odom, M.L.S.
Reference Librarian
Waco-McLennan County Library System
1717 Austin Avenue
Waco, TX 76701

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> From: Wilson, Amy (Library) [SMTP:amy.wilson@nashville.gov]
> Sent: Wednesday, January 01, 2003 8:22 PM
> To: 'pubyac@prairienet.org'
> Subject: Scottish craft?
> Does anyone have a craft idea for a Scottish Festival?

From: "Troy and Nicole Morgan" <trikki@peoplepc.com>
To: <pubyac@prairienet.org>
Subject: James and the Giant Peach activities
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Date: Thu,  2 Jan 2003 15:24:54 CST

Hi all,
I am doing a book discussion club as an outreach program for a group of
fourth and fifth graders.  Next week we are scheduled to discuss James and
the Giant Peach, and for some reason (I blame it on the holidays :)  I can't
think of any fabulous ideas for the program.  Anyone have anything to share?

Basically, we meet at the school for 50 minutes in a spare class area.  Of
that time, about 25-30 minutes are spent discussing the last book and doing
some sort of activity about that book.  I need ideas for both insightful
discussion questions and some sort of fun, relevant activity.  Since I am
going to the school, I have to bring everything with me and can't really
bring a ton of supplies, although I do have a chalkboard and white chalk
available for use.  I also can't bring food of any type, nor do I have any
budget $$ to buy any special supplies (I wanted to bring in some peaches!)

So far, I have some "busy sheets" with mazes and word puzzles on them for
the down time as children are arriving.  I also have a list of trivia about
the story that we do as a short, fun game, and I plan on discussing the
recurring theme of fear in the story.

Any ideas to make this a great program?
Nicole Morgan
Lakewood Public Library

From: "Austin, Renee" <RAUSTIN@co.napa.ca.us>
To: "'pubyac@prairienet.org'" <pubyac@prairienet.org>
Subject: reviews of AV
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Date: Thu,  2 Jan 2003 15:25:02 CST

Other than SLJ, where can I find reliable reviews for children's CDROMS,
audio books, and videos?
Please answer to raustin@co.napa.ca.us. Thank you!

Renee Austin
Children's Librarian
Napa City-County Library
Napa, CA

From: Mary Ann Gilpatrick <magilpat@walnet.walla-walla.wa.us>
To: pubyac@prairienet.org
Subject: Re: Furniture? Equipment? I've got a big donation...
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Date: Thu,  2 Jan 2003 15:26:18 CST

I second the die-cut machine suggestion above, with the added suggestion
that you get the one with a rolling pressure plate -- the crank handle
delivers pressure unevenly, requiring sliding your stuff around
underneath to get a clean cut. You can get a lot of dies with the
machine for $1000, and you can add them in future when you have a little
extra to spend. Make sure you get numbers as well as your choice of
letters style. -- AMry Ann

> > Hi I recently got $1,000 to spend on "something" for
> > the children's
> > department.
> > Any ideas?  What would you buy?

From: "Heather Acerro" <vclsafq4@rain.org>
To: <pubyac@prairienet.org>
Subject: Lord of the Rings Party
Date: Thu,  2 Jan 2003 15:28:48 CST

Hi all,
Has anyone done a Lord of the Rings party for teens? Any ideas would be =
Heather Acerro
Youth Librarian
Ray D. Prueter Library
510 Park Avenue
Port Hueneme, CA 93041
(805) 486-5460

From: "Cindy Rider" <CRIDER@vigo.lib.in.us>
To: <bonne@noblenet.org>, <PUBYAC@prairienet.org>
Subject: Re: snow craft
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Date: Thu,  2 Jan 2003 15:52:49 CST

I did a "Polar Bear in a Snowstorm" craft last year.  I cut shapes -- =
igloos, a "hole" (like for ice fishing), fish, and polar bears (using =
Ellison die) -- out of various textures of white wallpaper from a sample =
book and other white paper.  I cut up the lace from paper doilies for =
snowflakes (could the insides of the doilies or paper plates for some of =
the other shapes).  I put some cotton balls out for clouds and the kids =
glued everything to a piece of white card stock or construction paper.

Cindy Rider
Young Peoples School Liaison Program Librarian
Vigo Co. Public Library
Terre Haute, IN
crider@vigo.lib.in.us      http://www.vigo.lib.in.us/yp/yp.html

"If we didn't have libraries, many people thirsty for knowledge would =
- Megan Jo Tetrick, age 12, Daleville, Indiana

The Vigo County Public Library is "easy to find. It's the million-story =
building at Seventh and Poplar streets." (Lori Henson in her "Briefcases" =
column, Terre Haute Tribune-Star, 10/8/02)=20


End of PUBYAC Digest 968