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From: "PUBYAC: PUBlic librarians serving Young Adults & Children" <pubyac@prairienet.org>
To: "PUBYAC: PUBlic librarians serving Young Adults & Children" <pubyac@prairienet.org>
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2000 00:01:07 CST
Subject: PUBYAC digest 33

PUBYAC Digest 33

Topics covered in this issue include:

1) Space/Robot Theme Summer Reading Club web site
by georgi sandgren <ivylane3@yahoo.com>
2) RE: need music activities
by "lori" <lmorgan@jefferson.lib.in.us>
by Ann Moore <SCP_MOORE@sals.edu>
4) Mookey blookey
by CLARE KINDT <ckindt@usa.net>
5) job opening in Monterey
by "Karen Brown" <BrownK@ci.monterey.ca.us>
6) Help! Book like McDaniels's
by mellifur@tiac.net
7) Children's Software for WindowsNT
by Martha Link <martha@lfpl.org>
8) RE: Shelving of Picture Books
by "JEFFR ANDERSEN" <jtandersen@hotmail.com>
9) reserves, changing from fee to free
by RIBAUD Claire M <Claire.M.RIBAUD@ci.eugene.or.us>
10) Re: Book (Dust) Jackets
by Gayle Richardson <grichard@spl.org>
11) stumper
by Beverly Little <blittle@merrimack.lib.nh.us>
12) storyline
by Carrie Eldridge <celdridge@sanjuan.lib.wa.us>
From: georgi sandgren <ivylane3@yahoo.com>
To: pubyac <pubyac@prairienet.org>
Subject: Space/Robot Theme Summer Reading Club web site
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Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 10:41:37 CST
I've been working on this year's SRC web site for Long
Island, and with a lot of help from members of the
listserve and librarians from these counties, it's
finally up. Actually, only the Librarians section is
active at this time but there's a lot of information
Quite a few pubyaccers have asked me to post to the
listserve when I had collected some material on the
theme(s), so come take a look at
Any input is welcome, just use the feedback page or
e-mail me directly.

Georgi Sandgren
Children's Librarian
East Islip Public Library
381 East Main Street
East Islip, New York 11730-2896
631-581-9200 ext. 6
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From: "lori" <lmorgan@jefferson.lib.in.us>
To: <pubyac@prairienet.org>
Subject: RE: need music activities
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Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 10:54:23 CST
My name is Lori Morgan from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, IN.
We do alot of music in our storytime session. We use the music with our
toddlers and preschoolers. The kids like the music and activity songs of
Jim Gill. He has alot of crazy, active songs. The kids are always
requesting his songs during the sessions. The Kindermusic programs has alot
of activity songs. Ex. We done a Winter Theme over the holiday and
pretended to make stew. One of the Kindermusic activities go as such:
Pretend you are chopping and later throw it in the pot. Do this each time
you sing the song . Also,
We sit in a circle, and everyone get to mention something they want to put
in the stew. Each child gets a turn. Between each person this is what we say
or chant.
Chop, chop, chippity chop, cut off the bottom and cut off the top, what
there is left we'll put in the pot. Chop, chop, chippity chop. Later,
everyone gets a turn to taste the stew.
The kids really like this!
The Kindermusic program also has a song game for instruments. Everyone sits
in a circle and I place the instruments in the center of the circle and
spread them out.
You will need a bean bag to pass and it goes like this.
Pass the bean bag, round and round, round and round, round and round. Pass
the bean bag round and round and see who joins the band. (Stop, whoever has
the bean bag get to pick an instruments and play it. Start the game over
until everyone has an instrument.)
After everyone has an instrument. Everyone sings: Every bodies in the
band, in the band, in the band. Everyone is in the band, making music!

These are a few of the things we do. The kids really like them. If you
have some great things that work, let us know! Thanks...
> I have recently begun to do a program called "music
> time". This program is for ages 1 1/2 to 4 years, and
> has been very popular to date. Does anyone do a
> similiar program, and would you be willing to share
> some ideas with me? I have been happy with what I
> have done so far, but I am constantly searching for
> more musical activities.
From: Ann Moore <SCP_MOORE@sals.edu>
To: pubyac@prairienet.org
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 11:02:16 CST
"Real Kids Readers," published by Millbrook Press on 3 levels, is an attractive
phonics series.
From: CLARE KINDT <ckindt@usa.net>
To: pubyac@prairienet.org
Subject: Mookey blookey
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Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 11:09:41 CST
I have a customer looking for a picture book about a ghost named Mookey
Blookey (spelling?) She said it is about 2 brothers (Matt and Jeff?) who are
trying to scare one another. The younger boy is only able to scare the older
when he makes up the ghost/character of Mookey Blookey.
Does this soun familiar to anyone?
Thanks for your help. Please email me directly Kindt_CA@co.brown.wi.us
Thanks for your help.
Clare Kindt
Brown County Library
Green Bay, WI
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From: "Karen Brown" <BrownK@ci.monterey.ca.us>
To: <PUBYAC@prairienet.org>
Subject: job opening in Monterey
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Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 11:18:53 CST

$37,344 - $45,432

The Position: The position of Youth Services Librarian presents an excellent opportunity for challenge and professional growth in a fast-paced, customer-service oriented library where services to children are a high priority. The Youth Services Librarian:
Provides reference and readers advisory advisory service at Youth Services desk;
Prepares and presents storytimes, class visits and children's programs for all ages;
Performs collection development duties, including selection and deacquisition in assigned areas; actively participates as a member of the Collection Development Committee;
Provides outreach service through school visits, off-site programs and representation at community events;
Serves as Youth Services Division Head in the absence of the Youth Services Manager;
Plans and presents reading motivation programs;
Actively participates as a member of the Internet Committees;
Prepares reports as required;
Participates in appropriate professional development activities;
Performs other duties as required.
The Library: The Monterey Public Library serves a population of 32,000. The largest library on the Monterey Peninsula, it is a popular and heavily-used resource. It enjoys strong support
from the City Council and the community. The Library is open 69 hours per week on a 7-day schedule. The Library has a staff of 56 persons, 25 of whom are full-time. The collection consists of over 120,000 items. Annual circulation for FY 98/99 was in excess of 420,000 items, of which more than 1/3 were materials for youth. The current operating budget is $2,3 million, and the materials budget is $219,000 per year.
The Ideal Candidate: The successful candidate will possess the following:
A Masters degree from an ALA-accredited School of Library Science;
At least two years relevant experience in a public library;
Superior reference and readers advisory skills;
Excellent children's programming skills, including storytelling, book-talking and puppetry abilities;
A strong customer service philosophy and a commitment to excellence in library service;
A love of children and a strong interest in providing high quality services to a multicultural community;
Extensive knowledge of children's literature;
Demonstrated competence in using library technology, particularly Internet searching;
Demonstrated competence in using basic office application software;
A strong understanding of the principles of child development;
Ability to work effectively as a part of team;
Excellent written and oral communication skills;
A firm foundation in the principles and practices of ibrarianship.
FOR MORE INFORMATION and application procedures see the Library's web site www.monterey.org/lib/lib.html
or ask questions of your pubyac pal,

Karen Brown
Youth Services Manager
Monterey Public Library
625 Pacific Street
Monterey, CA 93940
From: mellifur@tiac.net
To: PUBYAC@prairienet.org, yalsa-bk@ala.org
Subject: Help! Book like McDaniels's
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Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 11:27:24 CST
I'm going nuts trying to come up with this, and I'm hoping that maybe
somebody can help me out.
A teen came in today and asked for books about teens who are dying or
dealing with death or a disability. Naturally, I mentioned Lurlene
McDaniels. She's read everything we've got and loved them. So I suggested
(and she took or placed on hold) "I Miss You, I Miss You", "Hate You", and
"Mind's Eye". However, I think there was another book that I was trying to
think of, and I simply can't come up with what it was. I know, however,
(and this is why it's bugging me so much) that on either PUBYAC or YALSA I
replied to a post by saying that "this was one to suggest to teens who like
Lurlene McDaniels." I doubt that anyone out there would remember that post,
and unfortunately I can't check archives of either list. (I could check
YALSA if I could remember an approximate date. But the closest I can guess
is within the last two months.) I also can't get into our ordering system
to see what's come in recently. I did check my "What's New" and "hot picks"
lists, but nothing seems even close except for the books I've mentioned.
So: If there's a fairly high profile hard cover book that's come out within
the past six months or so (our ordering and cataloging systems aren't
speedy) that fits the parameters above, please refresh my memory. It was
not "Skellig". "Petey", or "Vanishing". It *may* have been "Whirligig" or
"Someone Like You", although I don't think it was the latter. Any other ideas?
I can't tell you how much this is bugging me! Thanks for any suggestions.
It's good for my memory to go jogging, since the rest of me rarely does.
M. Neiman
neiman@glasct.org (or mellifur@tiac.net)
Welles-Turner Memorial Library
Glastonbury, CT
The opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of my organization.
From: Martha Link <martha@lfpl.org>
To: "'PUBYAC@prairienet.org'" <PUBYAC@prairienet.org>
Subject: Children's Software for WindowsNT
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Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 15:49:35 CST
I'm calling on your collective wisdom, hoping that someone else has
encountered this problem and solved it successfully.
We are in the process of phasing out the Macintosh computers which have
housed our early learning software in our system's children's departments.
We would like to make educational software available on our Windows NT
machines so that every branch offers equal access to the software,
regardless of location.

Here's the quandary...we have been really impressed with the quality of The
Learning Company's products, Living Books, etc. However, these graphic
intensive programs will not run on the NT platform, according to our
contacts at the company.
Have any of you found quality educational software for preschoolers and
elementary age children that is compatible with Windows NT and can be used
on up to 40 computers linked to a CD tower?
Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to the collective brain!
Martha Link
Louisville Free Public Library, KY
From: "JEFFR ANDERSEN" <jtandersen@hotmail.com>
To: krpool@lex.lib.sc.us, pubyac@prairienet.org
Subject: RE: Shelving of Picture Books
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Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 15:58:57 CST
Kelly Poole,
We have a collection of about 1,600 picture books. We had the same
problem, and I decided to print the spine labels off with the whole last
name of the author in big, bold type, and placed it on the spine
vertically instead of horizontally. It works great! Patrons have
complimented all the time about how they love it because it is easier to
find a certain author, or the book they are looking for. Yes, it takes a
little more time to shelve, but once you get used to it (which doesn't take
very long) it is much easier and faster. I love it and the staff actually
likes it, too.
Hope this helps a little with your decision!
Tiffany Andersen
Children's Librarian
Richfield Public Library
Richfield, Utah
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From: RIBAUD Claire M <Claire.M.RIBAUD@ci.eugene.or.us>
To: "'PUBYAC'" <pubyac@prairienet.org>
Subject: reserves, changing from fee to free
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Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 16:05:50 CST

Hello all, I am posting this for our library committee investigating
the change from fee to free reserves.
-Claire Ribaud/claire.m.ribaud@ci.eugene.or.us

I am a reference librarian at Eugene Public Library in Eugene,
Oregon. Currently we charge $1.00 to place a patron reserve on items that
are checked out. We are considering the removal of this fee. Before the
decision is made, many issues must be addressed. I am looking for feedback
from libraries who have gone from fee-based reserves to free reserves. If
you would like to share your experiences, please e-mail me off-list at the
address below. I will then send you a few questions that will address some
of our specific concerns.
Thank you for your time!
Mandy Combs, Reference Librarian
Eugene Public Library
100 W. 13th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 682-5353

From: Gayle Richardson <grichard@spl.org>
To: pubyac@prairienet.org
Subject: Re: Book (Dust) Jackets
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Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 16:13:11 CST

Years and years ago, my library system used to this and the injustice
of it outraged me. Finally the children's librarians mounted a spirited
enough defense --and the instigator in processing (who felt that children
just destroyed the plastic jackest and covers immediately, with no sub-
stantion) retired and the policy was changed. Today I believe you
should mount your objections on discrimination by age! Children have just
as much a right to an attractive appealing cover on books offered to them
as adult novel readers do. And it is utterly untrue that "most" books
have a self cover, and even when they do it is often paper on board which
starts to look pretty shabby around the edges quite quickly. Can you
enlist patron parents to put pressure on the powers that be--or the
superiors of the powers that be!? My heartiest wishes for your success
in changing this go out to you. Gayle Richardson
From: Beverly Little <blittle@merrimack.lib.nh.us>
To: pubyac@prairienet.org
Subject: stumper
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Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 16:20:07 CST
I recently had a patron in looking for a book read in the 60's, but it
could be older. It's a variation on the magic cooking pot, but A to Zoo
and our union catalog were no help. She remembers the main character
was a young girl and she thinks the pot was cooking rice. all very
vague, I know. If it rings any bells, please contact me directly at the
address below.
Beverly Little
Head of Youth Services
Merrimack Public Library, NH
From: Carrie Eldridge <celdridge@sanjuan.lib.wa.us>
To: pubyac@prairienet.org
Subject: storyline
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Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 16:28:07 CST
Would someone e-mail me the story line for Who sank the boat? by Pamela
I purchased the flannelboard and then ordered the book and of course it is
backordered. I do the story January 12th. Thanks, in advance.
Carrie Eldridge
San Juan Island Library District
Friday Harbor, WA 98250

"I eat words wherever
I find them but am no wiser.
Keep your books under lock and key
or they'll be devoured by me!"
what am I?
-from "Riddle Road: puzzles in poems and
pictures" illustrated by Erik Blegvad
End of PUBYAC Digest 33